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    The ELLWOOD family plays a vital role in our vertical integration strategy, as we can source a significant portion of our steel requirements from them. With advanced facilities like ELLWOOD Quality Steels in New Castle, PA, and ELLWOOD National Steel in Irvine, PA, we have access to cutting-edge clean steel technology.

    At EQS, their steelmaking process involves a 45-ton electric arc furnace, split secondary ASEA-SKF ladle refining, and vacuum degassing, resulting in the production of high-quality bottom-poured ingots. Furthermore, they offer secondary remelting options like vacuum arc remelt (VAR) or electro slag remelt (ESR) to meet the highest standards of clean steel.

    Additionally, ELLWOOD National Steel, a secondary steelmaking facility established in 2005, uses vacuum oxygen decarburization to enhance the manufacturing capabilities of ELLWOOD, producing high-grade stainless steels and nickel-based alloys with efficiency.

    EQS Stripping Ingot