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    Superior Workmanship!

    "Initial qualification pieces look great. They are better than the parts we have produced internally."

     - Critical Defense Manufacturer

    M60 Tank


    With over a century of experience under our belt, ELLWOOD Crankshaft Group specializes in crafting custom forged products in an array of shapes and sizes. Our expertise lies in the production of crankshafts and eccentric shafts, making us the go-to choice for all your forging needs.

    ECG - Crankshaft



    Looking for high-quality concentric shafts, including fan shafts? Look no further! Our expertly machined shafts come in both rough and finish options, and our innovative multi-directional forging technique allows us to create single piece fan shafts with integral flanges - saving you valuable time and money compared to traditional 2-piece designs.

    Concentric Shaft 1


    Complex Forgings

    At ELLWOOD Crankshaft Group, we excel in delivering tailor-made solutions for our clients' intricate forging and machining needs. Whether it's forging large eccentric shafts with precision or bringing accuracy to machining, we possess the technical expertise and cutting-edge equipment to make it possible.

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