Mechanical Press

Ellwood Crankshaft Group (ECG) has a long history providing quality crankshafts for the mechanical press industry. Our open-die forged crankshafts help ensure proper design, superior strength, and maximum resistance to deflection in today’s demanding mechanical press applications. With the capability to process press crankshafts up to 40 feet long (12 meters), 63” (1.6 mm) in diameter, and up to 40,000 lbs (18,000 kg), ECG continues to push the limits of press crankshaft machining. From the simplest to the most complex crankshafts in the industry, ECG has the ability to offer a vertically integrated platform and product for most all press needs. 

— The World’s Largest Manufacturer and Remanufacturer of Crankshafts for over 100 years  —