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History of Ellwood Crankshaft Group


The company was founded in 1910 by David A. Evans and his brother, Jonathan A. Evans. Even today, 100 percent of the common stock remains in the hands of some 30 family members. Ellwood Group, Inc.’s President and Chief Executive Officer, David Evans Barensfeld, is the fifth family member to hold this title. He has occupied that post since 1983. 

Ellwood Crankshaft and Machine Company (ECM) became an independent business unit from Ellwood City Forge in 1992 moving all operations to Hermitage, PA.  In 2003, Ellwood Group, Inc. purchased the assets of the former National Forge Company which became Ellwood National Crankshaft (ENC).  The joining of ECM and ENC launched the largest crankshaft manufacturer in the world.  In 2004, a demand for remanufacturing crankshafts precipitated the creation of Ellwood National Crankshaft Services (ENCS).  In 2006, Ellwood National Crankshaft Cleveland (ENCC) was acquired from Park Ohio Industries. In 2012, Ellwood Crankshaft Group acquired the assets of the former Chrome Crankshaft, LLC creating Ellwood Chrome Crankshaft (ECC) further expanding Ellwood Crankshaft's reconditioning and remanufacturing capabilities.  The newest  facility (ENCS), in Grand Prairie, TX   offers reconditioning services to customers in the Southwest region. 

Ellwood Group’s private status allows us to operate independently of short-term financial perspectives, while acting to maximize long-term values of product quality and customer service. This long-term orientation has, for decades, made us a preferred workplace for employees.

— The World’s Largest Manufacturer and Remanufacturer of Crankshafts for over 100 years  —