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VPP and Fit Friendly Workplace

Promoting Safety, Health, and Community Commitment

Volutary Protection Programs - An OSHA Cooperative Program

ECM earned the coveted Occupational Safety & Health Administration recognition in 2012 as a Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Worksite for the outstanding and exemplary occupational safety and health status performance of its leadership and employees. A successful recertification was awarded in 2014.  Our motto “Injury Free, Everyday” echoes the priority of safety throughout our plant.

Fostering a culture of independent thinking, innovative creativity and healthy well-being, ECG has been recognized by the American Heart Association the last seven years as a Fit-Friendly Company promoting a wellness culture by providing support to employees and implementing physical, nutritional and cultural changes.

Focused on continuous improvement and implementing LEAN concepts throughout the operations, ECM was recognized as one of the Ten Best Machine Shops in the nation by American Machinist publication.  An ambitious program of emplowering employees and continuous machine technology upgrades created capacity and improved the overall flow of production.

— The World’s Largest Manufacturer and Remanufacturer of Crankshafts for over 100 years  —